#aerieReal-Being Comfortable In You Own Skin

Happy Wednesday!!! The work week is almost done with! Thank God!Today’s post is all about being comfortable in your own skin.


I had recently seen a commercial for Aerie (by American Eagle) on the television for bathing suits and I thought to myself, those look really cute. One thing that really caught my eye is that the girls were all different shapes and sizes (which typically you don’t really see). It was extremely refreshing to see that the models were not all a size 0 (not that there is anything wrong with being a size 0), but if you think about it, most women in society are not a size 0. Me being one of them! As you know from my previous blog post  http://sweetteaandhydrangeas.com/2015/03/16/the-adventures-of-shopping-while-being-oddly-shaped-and-short/  my body has curves (especially up top). After seeing the commercial, it sparked my interest to go check out their website to see what type of bathing suits they had to offer. While scrolling down on the website, I came across the #aerieReal which they state “No Retouching on these girls! THE REAL YOU IS SEXY”. That right there was a selling point to really make me want to see what was this all about.

So I did some more research on this and came across this youtube video.

Here is what they have to say about: “What is #AerieREAL? Since its launch we have been listening to your answer. Whether it’s the 42,000 tweets that celebrate body confidence and what Aerie REAL means to you or the 9,000 Instagram photos where our community has shared their “no retouching” moments” we have felt the support and positive response for women everywhere to feel comfortable in their own skin…not retouched. We feature your Aerie REAL stories and moments everyday on Aerie.com, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram! Today we are featuring 4 girls that truly WOW’ed us with their confidence, drive, and empowering stories.”


First off, let me say that this is amazing! Kudos to American Eagle for showing that being beautiful doesn’t always mean you have to be perfect. It shows that we as women are allowed to come from all walks of life, without being ashamed of what we look like, or what we have been through, among other things. It truly celebrates women being who they are and letting them know that they are BEAUTIFUL, even if they have blemishes, stretch marks, tattoos, and those of us who do not have that “super model” body.goodenough2

All of their ads for the bathing suit and intimate collections are completely untouched. Is that for real? Yep!! More reason to love the idea of showing REAL women that aren’t airbrushed to be “perfect”. Let’s face it, these days every picture we see nowadays of models and celebrities, are retouched. I highly recommend going to check out their website, to see if they have something to offer for you. I love their intimate collection. They do have up to DD in most of their selections (this makes my busty self happy).


Even their bags have a positive message! You can visit their website at http://www.ae.com/aerie/index.jsp?navdetail=mega:women:c5:p8&catId=cat4840006

I hope that you enjoyed this post because it’s what we are passionate about at Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas. We want to celebrate women and who we are, even the “imperfect” us. Look for future posts on some of the products, I am looking to purchase from their line.

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