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Today’s blog post is all about not giving up and sharing the inspiring story of my friend Kaci’s weight loss journey. She is such an inspiration to everyone because she shows that even when you have obstacles thrown your way, that giving up in not an option! I hope you enjoy this post!



I guess my story starts in February 2014. I woke up one morning and was looking in the mirror not feeling pretty and wanted. Well of course I started trying everything from fat burners to fad diets. You name it I’ve done it. I told myself every morning I had to get up before work and walk/jog around the block. A walk/jog turned into a few weeks later jog/run a mile then two. I was jogging and running more than walking! I started eating right, one day I was looking at something at Barnes and Nobles and a book all about paleo lifestyle was right there. I began my paleo journey after reading that book. Paleo for dummies became my bible. The lbs started dropping like crazy. I joined the gym and fell in love with it. 2 a days became my life. Weights in the am and cardio in the pm. I hit a plateau about month 7 and started to get discouraged. I began what most would think crazy, Taking Crossfit classes. It was the best feeling ever. Being drenched in your own sweat and feeling like your going to puke or die and not and making it through. There were so many people saying I could never be where I wanted to but I did it, not because of them but because I wanted it for me. That’s one thing I’ve learned that you gotta want it for you not for someone or something else. I’m down 6 pants sizes and im still feeling like I have so much more fire left in me. I’ve changed workout routines so much. Body gets use to one thing change it. Take classes !take chances! I ran my 1st 5k last year and finished it! I bought a dress at a store I never thought I would. I began to love myself. I’ve had some pretty amazing people in my corner through this whole adventure. Some I had no clue who they were some who’ve been in my life for years. Every bit of those kind words and tips helped me where I am today. I’m not gonna lie these last two months with tearing my meniscus in two places have been a struggle. There was days where I didn’t want to get up and workout but I pushed through and now as I recover I’m still feeling that fight inside me and ready to take on the next set of goals! I have to say I’m down 60lbs and still fighting for more!

Once again we want to congratulate Kaci on all of her hard work and how amazing she looks!! Thank You for allowing us to share your story! Get it girl!!!

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