The Adventures of Shopping-While Being Oddly Shaped and Short

First off let me just say Happy Monday!!!

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I recently went shopping this weekend for some new clothes and of course anytime I go shopping, it’s always an adventure. Sometimes a good adventure and other times not so much. Anyone who knows me, knows I love shopping (I’m sure you figured that out from the blog) but there are times when I HATE it. That’s right, HATE it. You’re probably asking yourself, how can a self pro-claimed shopaholic hate to shop? Well lets see my two main reasons why I hate shopping (at times): I’m oddly shaped and I’m short. By being oddly shaped (in my mind), I am busty up top but narrow, get to my hips and I’m shaped like a coke bottle and then my back side, there is a little bit there.

Every since I was a child, finding clothes to fit me perfectly has been a task. Clothes were either too big or too small, there was hardly anything in between. You would think I would be used to this by now, seeing it’s been an issue for me my whole life but that’s not the case. As I was shopping this weekend, I found this really cute dress that I had to have. I went into the dressing room to try it on and it fit perfectly, with the exception of my top half. I figured I would just try on the next size up (thinking this would work). So I go back into the dressing room to try on the bigger size and it is too big. I became frustrated because I wanted this dress. If I bought the smaller dress my top part would be smushed into the dress, which would not be attractive and if I bought the bigger dress I’d have to get it taken in (which would only cost me more money). There was no happy medium for me. Therefore, I did not buy the dress.

It’s crazy because I can remember all my girlfriends hitting puberty and I was so jealous.  Why be jealous, you ask? Because I wanted to “wear the bra” and have a bigger top half like most of my friends. Well lo and behold, I no longer have that issue. Finding tops/dresses that fit me with no issue is not easy (so much for wanting bigger one’s when I was younger). I’m sure any woman who is busty has experienced this as well. It definitely makes shopping a little harder. While writing this post, I actually came across 8 Style Tips for Busty Women. Hopefully this will help anyone who has the same issues as myself.

Now on to trying to find pants that fit. I am 5’2″ so finding pants that fit perfectly (everywhere) is a whole different story. They typically are to long,to big/small or do not fit in my rear end.My biggest problem though with pants is they are too long. Every short girls problem with finding pants. Lol.

As a woman, I know every body type has issues with finding clothes that fit correctly. I wish that every store and designer had the same sizes across the board. It would just make live a little easier. I hope you enjoyed this post (more of my issues with finding clothes) and can relate.

Have any opinions on how you find clothes or do you have the same issues? Let me know what helps you when shopping. I love to hear from our followers!

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