Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review


Ladies leave your eye lash curlers at the door because with the Roller Lash Mascara, it’s not needed. How many of you have tried numerous mascaras, in hopes that it will lengthen your lashes? I’ve been there done that far too many times. When I saw that Benefit was coming out with this mascara, I wondered could it really be that great? I’ve seen advertisements many times for mascara, stating that it could do this and that for your lashes (but they failed me).

Well Benefit lived up to their promise with this amazing mascara! So you’re probably asking what is so special about this mascara? So here’s why it’s so great!

  • It’s a roller for your lashes (so you no longer need an eye lash curler anymore)
  • It has a hook and roll brush that grabs, separates, lifts and curls your lashes making your eyes look more open and awake (let me tell you I needed all the help I could get with my tired eyes this morning)


  • The formula is set to keep your lashes curled for 12 hours
  • It’s not clumpy and gives you a natural lash effect (it is buildable to your liking)
  • It’s so easy to apply and you can feel it touching each one of your lashes

Benefit Studies have shown that:

  • 97% said it visibly lifts lashes
  • 87% said it gives long-lasting curl
  • 94% said eyes look more wide open

Here are my before and after photos


As you can see I don’t really have overly long eye lashes and my eyes are a little tired in this before photo.


This is my after photo with only one coat of the mascara (that’s right only one coat). The difference is amazing. It took my tired eye and made it brighter and more open (as promised). No eye lash curler was used to get this look. Amazing!!

So if that isn’t enough to make you want to try it, I don’t know what is. The packaging is so cute! I also really love that it has a rubber handle making it easier to open. So I give this mascara a 5/5! The cost for this mascara is $24 and you can purchase it at: Benefit Sephora Ulta

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