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Happy Monday Everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Today I want to bring you some tips on achieving better skin. I know in the past my skin has not always been perfect (it’s still not perfect) but I have learned things that help me achieve better skin, for example, the differences between coolsculpting and sculpsure. Here are some of my tips!

1. Drink Water. This is so very important! This will help keep your skin hydrated and can help prevent breakouts.

2. Apply Sunscreen Daily (even in the winter time). This may not seem important to do everyday but sun damage affects your body’s ability to create healthy new cells by degrading your collagen and elastin. Now most beauty products these day contain some type of sunscreen, so look for those types of products.

3. Wash Your Face Daily. Washing your face daily helps remove makeup, dirt and anything else that has been exposed to your face. This also helps prevent future breakouts.

4. Get Facials Regularly. This can be a little costly but if you have problems with your skin, seeing an Aestheticians can reduce any issues you may have.

5. Exfoliate. Exfoliating your skin helps lift dry and dull skin that could be preventing the products you use to not be working. By getting rid of dead skin, you will keep your skin refreshed.

6. Take Care Of Your Neck. When I was younger my mom always told me that this is key along with taking care of your face. Our necks show more of our age, so when using facial products bring them down to your neck. Otherwise, you will need to make use aesthetics to enhance your natural beauty.

These are just a few things that work for me and have helped improve my skin over the years. Do you have any tips on achieving better skin?


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  1. I feel like I totally forget about my neck! But I try to drink a lot of water and wash my face everyday!

    Posted 7.13.15 Reply
    • Bri I used to as well but my mom always reminded me to make sure I take care of my neck as well.

      Posted 7.13.15 Reply
  2. Dayne wrote:

    Getting a moisturizer that has sunscreen built in is so nice! These are great tips! Thanks for sharing! 😀

    Posted 7.13.15 Reply
    • Thank You Dayne!! It is so much nicer to have products that already have sunscreen built into them.

      Posted 7.13.15 Reply
  3. Jasmine wrote:

    All important tips. I wash my face twice a day. Apply toner and moisturizer. Also important to remove your makeup every time you apply makeup otherwise your pores will get clogged which can cause breakouts.

    Posted 7.13.15 Reply
    • I agree! It is very important to wash & moisturize your face. I don’t have problem skin all the time but sometimes I get breakouts, so anything I can do to prevent them, I do.

      Posted 7.13.15 Reply
  4. Very true about the neck! My mom always said that growing up!!!

    Posted 7.13.15 Reply
  5. I try to be very good about moisturizing my neck its the most sensitive and often the most forgotten

    Posted 7.13.15 Reply
  6. Liz wrote:

    I definitely need to work on all of these things! I’m only 22 but everyone keeps reminding me that the anti-aging routine needs to start now!

    Posted 7.14.15 Reply
    • Liz ,I’m 29 and believe me it’s so important to start a good skin care routine while we are young. It’s worth it!

      Posted 7.14.15 Reply
  7. Jessica W. wrote:

    You’ve got a great list of tips here – my mom used to tell me the importance of taking care of the neck & décolleté area as well. 🙂

    Posted 7.14.15 Reply
  8. All great tips and totally worth it!! I thankfully got my great skin from my mom but also a good skincare routine. I’ve been loving this matte moisturizer/sunscreen from Image:!
    xo, Laura

    Posted 7.14.15 Reply
    • I’ve currently been loving philosophy’s Hope In Jar day/night moisturizer. They are amazing!

      Posted 7.14.15 Reply
  9. I’m currently going through a chemical peel, love the tips! Thanks

    Posted 7.16.15 Reply
    • I’ve actually never done a chemical peel because I’m scared it’s going to make my face all read, etc. How have you liked yours so far?

      Posted 7.16.15 Reply
      • My peel was yesterday, it burned like the dickens. Today my face is shiny and tight, but not unbearable. I will say that many more sun spots and pigmentation have come to the surface, I am assured that is normal however.

        Posted 7.16.15 Reply
        • I may have to try one in the future. I’ve heard it’s kind of unpleasant for some people.

          Posted 7.16.15 Reply