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Hey Y’all! Happy Wednesday!! I want to first thank everyone who has sent me well wishes on getting better. I have been sick since Sunday and it has been confirmed that I have Strep Throat. Eww… I am getting much better though thanks to some amazing medicine. Anyway…

Today I am linking up with Lizzy for this Why Wednesday featuring my crazy obsession with pinterest. I can spend hours on pinterest looking for stuff. Is anyone else as crazy about Pinterest as I am? Let’s face it, if I could have almost everything I pinned from pinterest in my real life, that would be amazing. So here are some of my current favorites.

Favorite Out Fit

This outfit right here! So in love with it! I can not wait for Fall. I am hoping that we get some type of cooler weather, so that I can recreate this look. I already ordered these jeans, so I’m half way there.



Favorite Hair

This is what I am slowly but surely going to be moving towards when it come to my hair color. I am already blonde but this is such a beautiful color. I already have my appointment ready and will slowly get to this color.



Favorite Make Up Vanity

I can not wait to get a bigger house so I can have my dream Make Up Vanity. Actually I just want a whole room dedicated to all things girly. This vanity would be perfect for all the makeup/beauty items that I have.


Favorite Blogging How To

I think it’s really important as a blogger to learn how to work with other bloggers. This gives you an opportunity to really learn from other bloggers knowledge and experience. I would love to work with other bloggers soon.



Favorite Make Up Look

This look is perfect for the fall. I love the cranberry and gold. I’m starting to think of looks I want to create for fall and this is on the top of my list.



Favorite Quote

I feel that in today’s society we are always told that having imperfections is not acceptable. I’d have to disagree because no one is perfect. As the quote points out “just be who you are, love yourself”, this is so important to remember. I was put on this earth to be myself and personally if others don’t like it, they can gladly exit.



These are just a few of my many favorites from pinterest right now. Do you have any favorite pins? If so leave them in the comments below. Again, thank you to everyone for all the love! Have a great day!

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  1. Lizzy Hill wrote:

    I am in love with that vanity!! OMG, I will have to do something like that when I get a house too. I am ready for fall weather so I can wear cute outfits like the one you pinned. Seriously, I love scarves and sweaters. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

    Posted 8.5.15 Reply
    • Lizzy this vanity is just amazing! I keep hoping I win the lottery. Lol. At least I can live vicariously through Pinterest. Fall is so much fun! It’s so nice to layer up clothes and wear leggings. Thank You so much for having the link up!

      Posted 8.5.15 Reply
  2. Channing wrote:

    I love that quote by demi lovato! I’m so sick of everyone trying to be perfect all the time!!! Humans are meant to have flaws and you can’t change something that’s in your nature.

    Posted 8.5.15 Reply
    • I agree Channing! We as women especially get slammed for not being perfect. I used to care when I was younger about trying to be perfect, now I don’t care.

      Posted 8.5.15 Reply
  3. Shann Eva wrote:

    Boo for Strep throat, but happy that you’re getting better. Love the hair color. I’ve always wanted to go that blonde, but haven’t done it yet. I will some day! I also LOVE that vanity. If only we had a bigger house 😉 Thanks for sharing all the great stuff.

    Posted 8.6.15 Reply
    • Shann strep throat def had not been fun. Typically I never go to the doctor but my throat was literally on fire yesterday, so I went. I’m a natural brunette but have been dying/high lighting my hair on and off since I have 13. I like mixing it up and when I saw this color, I knew it had to be done. Once it gets to that color, I’ll post some pictures. I know, if only I had a bigger house as well. Thank You for taking time to read and comment.

      Posted 8.6.15 Reply