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Happy Monday!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!



+Saturday was a lazy day due to sinus issues. I got lots of cuddle time with my fur babies (boudin is pictured above).

+Sunday I got to attend the Texans game. It was a lot of fun especially because we had a suite. I loved having a private bathroom (no lines to wait in) and unlimited food/drinks.

+After the game we went home to make some yummy gumbo. Being from Louisiana, gumbo is a must!

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  1. So sorry that you were sick! But that football game sounds fun, so maybe that makes up for it!

    Posted 9.29.15
    • sweetteaandhydrangeas wrote:

      Thank You so much Audrey. The football game definitely made up for me not feeling well the day before.

      Posted 9.30.15
  2. Lexi wrote:

    Saturday cuddle sessions are the best! & lucky you for being able to go to a football game! I’d love to go to a college/NFL game this year!

    Posted 9.29.15
    • sweetteaandhydrangeas wrote:

      I love cuddle time any day with my spoiled rotten fur babies. Lexi you should def try to go to a football game soon!

      Posted 9.30.15
  3. Love your fur baby picture and snuggle time is very important. Football games rock—plan to go to a couple of UNC games within the next month so I will be having some football fun as well. Thanks for the fun links–going to go check them out!

    Posted 9.29.15
    • sweetteaandhydrangeas wrote:

      Beth Ann, he is completely spoiled rotten! But I love cuddle time with my fur babies. I love being able to attend football games. I am a huge football fan!

      Posted 9.30.15
  4. Trisha wrote:

    LOVE gumbo! Thanks for sharing your week with us.

    Posted 9.29.15
    • sweetteaandhydrangeas wrote:

      Thank You for visiting Trisha. I love gumbo as well and was so happy we finally made some. 🙂

      Posted 9.30.15
  5. Nancy wrote:

    Gumbo! Sounds like you had a blast…I am about to lay back and read about having thick skin as a blogger because it is something that is necessary to deal with exposing yourself on the pages of a website

    Posted 9.29.15
    • sweetteaandhydrangeas wrote:

      Nancy, the gumbo was so good! I had been craving some for awhile now. As a blogger you really do have to have thick skin. I remember when I started blogging, I was so worried about what others would think of me. Now I’m like, if there are some people that enjoy what I have to say/share then that makes me happy.

      Posted 9.30.15

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