My Vacation To Cancun Pt 2

Happy Friday Loves!! On Monday I shared PT 1 of my vacation to Cancun. Today I am going to share  my adventure visiting Tulum Ruins.

Tulum was one of the last cities inhibited and built by the Mayans. Tulum is the Mayan word for fence/wall. They built their village like this to defend against any invasions.






Visiting Tulum a great experience because I was able to see a different way of living.It’s always interesting to see how other’s lived before us. If you get a chance to visit Cancun, I highly recommend going to Tulum.

Have you visited any interesting places recently? I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. Kim wrote:

    Looks like an awesome trip…I’ve been to Cabo San Lucas and I LOVED it.

    Posted 9.18.15
    • sweetteaandhydrangeas wrote:

      Kim I also went to Cabo San Lucus and it was really nice. I like Cancun more though. I will be going back to Cabo soon, so maybe my mind will change.

      Posted 9.18.15
  2. Shann Eva wrote:

    This looks so cool! My oldest son would love to explore this. He loves old ruins and buildings. I think he’ll be an architect someday. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

    Posted 9.19.15
    • sweetteaandhydrangeas wrote:

      Shann Eva it was really interesting! Maybe one day your son can visit there. 🙂

      Posted 9.21.15
  3. Antonio wrote:

    Definitely on our list to go to this coming year. These are some great photos, too. Thanks for sharing your trip!

    Posted 9.21.15
    • sweetteaandhydrangeas wrote:

      Antonio its really pretty! Thanks for stopping by.

      Posted 9.22.15
  4. Rachel G wrote:

    Wow, what an incredible place to visit! Since I was born in the USA, where there are very few truly ancient structures, I’m totally fascinated by building that were built hundreds or more than a thousand years ago. I went to Angkor Wat this summer and it’s just incredible to me how very old such places are…

    Posted 9.22.15
    • sweetteaandhydrangeas wrote:

      It was really nice to visit there. I enjoyed it a lot. 🙂

      Posted 9.22.15

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