Precious Metal Investments

Once again, there are a number of hidden costs associated with holding and purchasing precious metals and you have to factor them into the overall cost structure and your potential return on investment. Traditionally, investments in precious metals are purchased and stored in one’s home or in an investment facility and one purchases them by selling at a profit, rather than by buying them outright. The purchases are typically physical, making handling and transportation extra-tangible and also adding value to the “investment.” There are many advantages to this method, such as there’s no option of holding or moving the metal on a daily basis and the precious metals can be stored at home for extended periods of time or in your investment facility. However, the physical nature of the gold or silver and the inability to utilize them at your whim or to match the demand of a falling stock markets in a downtrend can mean that a market crash is imminent, even if a decline in demand is limited to just a few years or months. When buying and handling precious metals, there are numerous hidden costs that can generate other fees and costs besides just the one directly discussed.

When buying and handling precious metals, there are numerous hidden costs that can generate other fees and costs besides just the one directly discussed. These hidden costs include holding your gold or silver in a bank or by way of a broker, taxes associated with holding precious metals, and the fact that one has to ship the gold or silver to the local depositories or bullion bank and then have to pay fees for the transfer and storage of the metal at the local bank or bullion facility. Taxes are a constant irritant in an investment in precious metals. It’s simply the cost of doing business, although as you may know, this cost is lessened as you approach a retirement age. Of course, there are also more tangible costs of precious metals ownership, such as the higher price per ounce than when buying physical gold and silver directly. You can read more about PGG here

That doesn’t make them the least bit more expensive to own and, at the same time, the fact that they are owned via the precious metals market system makes them more secure. Although it is, in the eyes of some people, hard to believe, the precious metals market is stable and that is one of the reasons that those that invest in gold or silver value the metal as a form of money. Therefore, you have to take into account that there are hidden costs that can drastically increase your costs over time. Consider, for example, the prices of gold and silver because they are often above the market price. One of the popular ways to store gold is by using a reputable depository service provider or Noble Gold IRA custodian.

If you bought gold, silver, and precious metals at this price, you would now be paying more than it costs to buy a piece of paper, a stock, or a bond that has risen or fallen in value during your time in the workforce. It also means that you would have less money left over to reinvest into additional assets, such as stocks and bonds. Because of this, your immediate costs will be higher for owning precious metals. Some others include the maintenance costs associated with the purchase and storage of precious metals at the home or an investment facility and the fees associated with owning your precious metals in a physical form. Also, consider the need to transport your precious metals over long distances and how often it will be necessary to ship them from one place to another.

When the Dow Jones Industrial Average loses 1,000 points or more in a month, it should cause a flurry of panic. After all, people are talking about the Dow at 5,000 points. At the bottom of the previous bull market in 2000, the Dow went through its equivalent of about four or five stock market crashes, and the Panic of ’98 and the “Flash Crash” of ’03. Both of these cycles took nearly a decade and they were felt acutely by the average American. These cycles show us that market booms are generally followed by a sharp drop-off in earnings growth and a return of confidence, economic growth, and inflation. The current bull market is no exception to the rule, and it is being followed by a steep decline in gold and silver prices. There are rules to know about investments that you’ll need to go through with if you want to earn up to 6% cash back.

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